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Whether you want to sell your business, a single piece of equipment, acquire a loan against your assets, pass your business along to your children or lower your property taxes, it is critical to know what your assets are worth. As a business leader, you may be undervaluing your total worth, but once Equify tells you the true value of your assets you'll be able to make more informed decisions.

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Do you need to know the value or worth of your assets but are unsure of where to begin? Answer these few questions to see how your business is performing on our fourth principle of a healthy business, Assets.

      Would you know who to call if you needed to know the value of your assets?

      If a life-changing event occurred, would you have a current valuation of your assets?

      Are you confident an average appraiser would understand the complexity of your business?

      Is your old equipment over-valued and costing you unnecessary tax dollars?

      Would you like to know the value of your property?

A certified appraisal has no agenda other than to tell the truth. A depreciation schedule of assets is not enough to protect you, as this does not reflect up-to-date fair market value. When what the customer says just isn't good enough, you need to have a true and accurate value of the asset(s) in question. Otherwise, you open yourself up to increased risks and liability.[/read]


Equify Asset Services is proud to work with a diverse group of partners in addition to being an active member of various associations. Below are some of the diverse affiliations we partner with that validate the work we do everyday.

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  • Equify, LLC | We Strengthen Your Business
  • Equify, LLC | We Strengthen Your Business
  • Equify, LLC | We Strengthen Your Business