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Having insurance policies in place is a small portion of what it takes to know the potential risks for your business. At Equify, our all-inclusive risk management strategy examines your current policies to ensures you are adequately covered, in compliance with local mandates and making sure costs for premiums are appropriate.

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How can you be sure you have the right commercial business insurance? Answer these few questions to see how your business is performing on our second principle of a healthy business, Insurance.

      When you list your business advisers, is your insurance agent someone you include in that mix?

      Are you compliant with the ever-changing regulations of the Affordable Care Act?

      Have you had a bad claim experience that has caused you to doubt your insurance agent?

      Do you only see your insurance agent when it’s time to renew or drop off a policy?

      Are you concerned you’re overpaying for your current coverage?

Commercial business insurance is about more than a policy, a rate and coverage options. Insurance is the choices a business owner makes in protecting their business, employees and assets. At Equify, we understand the choices you are faced with and we work with you to examine the potential risks your business could be up against. There may be hidden factors within the structure of your business that are unprotected making you and your business defenceless in the occurrence of an accident. Not to mention, how can you possibly keep up with the government regulations for benefits within your organization? Our goal is to expose the risks before they catch you off-guard costing you hundreds of thousands of your hard earned money. [/read]


Insurance solutions don’t happen overnight. You can sign a policy and it can go into effect immediately, but the life span of that policy has the greatest impact on your business. In the incident where an accident occurs or a claim is made against your company, you want to feel confident you are protected the moment something happens.

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We had the pleasure of working with a local business that suffered a severe, damaging claim and accident that cost their business millions, and insurance companies now want nothing to do with them. Our insurance team was able to review their business policies and procedures that were in place, or in their situation, were non-existent. As a result of those findings, Equify proposed a new risk management structure that has opened them back up as an approved and approachable business for insurance carriers.

The immediate need was an insurance policy to cover them and not cost them more than they could handle. The life of the policy and risk management structure in place will over time reduce their premiums and make them an ideal candidate for insurance providers. Commercial business insurance is required, no matter your business, but it doesn't have to be stressful. Allow Equify to examine your business and give you back control.