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Equify is a flexible lender who specializes in interim construction financing. We know construction and we know the difficulties you face in every project. From start to completion, Equify will provide you with the financial support you need to get your project done and on time.

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Are you working toward a making your dream project a reality, but need help getting started? Answer a few questions to monitor your business performance on our fifth, and final principle of a healthy business, Land.

      Do you have property that has increased in value since you took ownership?

      Are you a real estate developer that has equity in your project, but need a loan?

      Are you looking to build on a new piece of land?

      Do you need help with interim construction financing?

Construction projects, land, facilities all revolve around their financial status and abilities. The weight and bulk of responsibility is on the owner to provide the floating cash for such assets and projects to function and progress. There may be times where the cash is short but the demands are high, and you as the owner, may feel trapped. At Equify, we help you get through those tough times by providing short term financial support allowing you the time to stabilize the situation. Whatever your need, we work with you to get you the cash you need to keep your project going from start to finish. [/read]