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5 Principles of a Healthy Business

When most business owners think about the major components determining the success of their business, they often first refer to their current work load and how much cash is in the bank. What may get forgotten or overlooked are the fundamentals at the root of each of these major components. At Equify, we have identified 5 basic principles that directly impact the overall success of your business, starting at the roots.

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Whether you are new to owning your own business or have been trusted with a family operation that has been passed down within your family for generations, the financial stability of your company is vital to its continued success. The problems you may be facing today could be good problems to have, you may have so much work but lack enough operating capital to stay on-top of your debts, invoices and payroll. Unfortunately, you could be on the opposite end of the spectrum, you could be dangerously close to closing the doors of your business. Either way, our asset based lending provides business loans based on the current assets, or collateral, that the business possesses. At Equify, this means owners are allowed to use the money they have already invested into owning machinery, tools, trucks, trailers and heavy equipment as the collateral against securing a new business loan. Asset based lending gives business owners the freedom and control to secure new jobs, capital to operate and cash in the bank to support the overall health of the business. If you are unsure at what your current assets are worth, we can perform a business valuation to get you the most accurate information representing fair market value.
No matter who you talk to today, there is no question costs for insurance premiums have continued to rise. However, it has become especially taxing for business owners. In addition to costs, business owners take on the additional stress of knowing when they provide insurance, it has to be the right coverage for their unique business needs. A bad claim against your business has the potential to shut you down, or at the very least, cost you thousands. You may have thought you were covered, but you could still be vulnerable. The plain and simple truth is, if you are in business you are required to have business insurance. But that may be where the understanding stops. At Equify, our goal is to make you feel comfortable and in control of your insurance policy, coverage details and cost for premiums. We work with you to design the most accurate plan for your unique business needs. A construction company and a nail salon both require business insurance coverage, but the risks each company needs protection from are vastly different, so their insurance policy should equally reflect those differences. We believe there is no sense in paying for coverage you don’t need, and just the same, no sense in paying for coverage you thought you had. But how could you know the difference? You are the expert of your business, we are the expert for providing insurance for your business. Let’s work together and give you back control.
Having the right tools to get a job done is an absolute necessity in any equipment based job. The trouble is, the ups and downs of the industry often limit the buying and selling options for a business, costing the owner thousands to hundreds of thousands. At Equify, we wanted to close the gap between what a business needs, when they need it and what they can afford. We have dedicated time and resources to providing equipment owners the choice to acquire equipment in the way they prefer. Our live, absolute auctions give business owners a chance to test and compare a large selection of gently used, certified equipment, and purchase them at fair market value. Our online only, timed auctions list equipment with reserves, that allows sellers to set a price limit for bidders on a two week time frame, or until an agreed upon price is achieved. Not just that, we have a retail division with equipment readily available with buy now options, all over the country. So, the choice is yours. However you want it, however much you need for it and whenever you need it we have the capability to meet your immediate equipment needs so your business never stops moving. Should you plan to purchase equipment at one of our auctions, we have our asset based lending as an option to get you pre-approved for a loan prior to an auction.
If you were asked today could you answer truthfully that you know what your business is worth? Not what it costs you, but what it is actually worth? We have found most business owners have never received a proper business valuation and only have a vague estimate of what they think the value is of their business, and assets, based solely on what they know their costs to be. The truth is, the amount of money you pay for assets has a great chance of varying against the value of what you’re actually paying for. For example, if you are entering into a contract with someone you are probably going to want some assurance that the information they are claiming is accurate, and they would request the same from you. What this all means for you is you need a certified appraisal, inspection, inventory, audit or business valuation of the assets or item(s) in question. Beware, not all appraisals are equal and you need this information to hold up in court, so it must be delivered to you by a certified appraiser, it’s the law. A certified appraisal wants nothing more than to tell the truth.
When it comes to any construction project, funding such a program can take years to retain all required financial support in order to take even one step forward. Even then, as the project progresses setbacks occur, subs get off track, payments get missed and the dream suffers, or stops, altogether. At Equify, we provide commercial real estate loans through our short term interim construction financing, and land loans, to keep your project moving from start to finish. We understand the pressure that falls on you making sure all the pieces work together and the project stays on schedule. No matter the size of the project, our commercial real estate loans allow your job to get just a little easier. Our goal is to merely help fill in the gaps giving you back the ability to focus on the big picture


Improving these 5 basic principles of your company will dramatically increase its overall health. At Equify, we want you to know, we are here for the long haul. As with any health assessment and plan, it takes time. Of course, there are immediate solutions available, but the real success comes from the overall and long term well-being of you and your business. That’s what we want for you, a long, healthy and happy life to live. If you’ve checked a single box on the Healthy Business Checklist, call us today so we can walk you through your options. Remember, just one box checked and you could be on your way to improved cash flow, a strengthened bottom line and peace of mind.