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September 11, 2017
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September 21, 2017

"This Could Really Turn Things Around"

Knowing it's your turn to win and to finally have something to celebrate is all we could ever want for you and your business. At Equify, our Healthy Business Checklist is designed with just that in mind, celebrating your successes and finding areas for improvement. If you could take just a few minutes to answer these questions, the checklist can show you immediately what areas of your business need improvement, and more importantly, how to make those improvements.

The first step to a healthier business is to fill out the Healthy Business Checklist. Once you submit the checklist, someone from our team will follow up to go through the specifics of how to get you on your way to a strengthened bottom line, improved cash flow and the peace of mind you've been missing. Visit to answer the questions, and hit submit, it's that easy!

In an effort to provide clarity around the Equify brand and it’s new counterpart, The Healthy Business Checklist, watch the video below, as this will play a huge role in how we market Equify and communicate effectively, just who we are.

The Healthy Business Checklist, powered by Equify.

I got it to you, to me and to your neighbor most likely all mean something different. The thing you need, that you went to bed worrying about and that you woke up thinking about. That thing could take you from here to there. At Equify, we want to help you get there. 

Call Equify at (817) 490-6800 for more information. To find out more about the services offered at Equify, visit

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