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Why should you worry about money when you have plenty and never knew it? Many Equify clients are shocked to find they have millions of dollars in equity tied up in their equipment. Because we offer asset based lending we are able to help customers use that equity to receive the equipment financing they need.

The first key to getting your business healthy is to free up the money hidden in your equipment and use it to catch up on bills, renovate the office or just have a little more in the bank.

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How do you know if asset based lending is the right decision for you and your company? Answer these few questions to see how your business is performing on our first principle of a healthy business, Finances .

     Do you have equity in your equipment and need a loan?

     Do you have a bunch of cash tied up in your equipment?

     Are you experiencing problems with cash flow or working capital?

     Would it help if your debt was structured with skip-payments?

     Too much work with inconvenient draw schedules?

At Equify, we have the ability to see beyond the paper and tailor a financial plan, including equipment loans and equipment financing, that works inside the unique structure of your business and your individual needs. We are a privately owned lender, focusing on equipment loans and equipment financing under an asset based lending model, which allows us to use the money you already have invested in the equipment of your business as collateral for a new loan.[/read]


We were able to step in with Mike Anani, owner of Big D Concrete in Dallas, TX, when he was facing the difficulties of expansion. He had been put in a financially difficult position of too much money going out and not enough cash in the bank to operate. He feared the worst, closing his operation. He had never thought that expanding his operation would ultimately land him so close to ending his successful journey. He had financial support through lenders, but his debt structure limited his options for repayments.

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After a chance encounter with Equify CEO, Patrick Hoiby, they were able to walk through what all had happened to get him to this point and come up with a financial plan to resurrect Big D Concrete. Through our asset based lending, we were able to get him through a bankruptcy, pay off several lenders and restructure his debts, ultimately giving him the cash he needed to operate. We now have a long standing relationship with Big D Concrete as one of Equify’s most valuable customers, and they currently are a thriving and successful business model in Dallas, TX.