Equify - FAQs and Terms and Conditions


Will there be pictures?
In most cases our online catalog has pictures available before the auction. However, if there is an immediate need you may contact the auction site beginning prior to the auction and ask that pictures be emailed to you.
Where can I find out what is being sold?
We update our online inventory frequently. You can visit our AUCTIONS page here.
How do I get on your mailing or email list for future auctions?
You can register at the bottom of each page of our website. You can also text EQUIFY to 25827 to be kept abreast of our auction news on your smart phone. When you register on-site at our auctions you are automatically placed on our mailing list. Upon registration you can also give us your email address if you wish to receive our emails.
Does it cost to register?
There is no fee to register for our auctions; and our auctions are open to the public. A $1,000 cash deposit or a $1,000 hold placed on your credit card, maybe required when you register for first time buyers. Export buyers will be required to deposit $7,500 USD or 10% of the expected value.


If I send a hauler or truck driver to remove my items, what do they have to bring?
Whomever you choose to remove your items, whether you or a driver, must have identification as well as a copy of your paid-in-full invoice or our loadout ticket. No items will be removed without this documentation.
Who do I call if I cannot get my items out in the allotted time?
You must contact the sale site where you purchased as soon as you know you cannot meet our pick-up deadline. Storage fees will be charged as stated in sale catalog. Please contact the sale site for more information.
How long do I have to pick up my purchase?
Items purchased at our sale are required to be removed in the allotted time posted on-site as well as in your catalog. No loading or removal after dark. We have removal for 7 days after a sale with most of the hours being 8pm to 5pm Monday through Friday, and the following Saturday from 8am to 3pm. The exception is Sunday. Please contact the sale site for more information.
If I purchase a vehicle how do I get my title?
In most cases once complete payment is made it will be mailed 18 Banking Days after the auction.
If I am tax exempt do I need to bring proof?
Yes, if you are tax exempt you will need to bring your state issued tax certificate. In most cases we do have tax forms on-site, if you forget to bring one. Buyer's pertinent tax documents are required to complete tax exempt forms.
Do you charge sales tax?
Yes, in most states we are required by law to collect sales tax.
What other fees should I expect?
We are obligated to collect sales tax and that tax also includes the buyer's fee. At times Equify Auctions is required to collect state and local administrative fees and some lots require the payment of all sales tax and transfer fees at the time of payment. Credit card purchases are subject to an additional 3% convenience fee.
Is there a buyer’s fee?
10% on first $2,500 per lot, 2% on remaining balance per lot. Online buyers pay an additional 2%. Check your auction catalog for changes regarding the rate, if any, at the auction you are attending. Please review all fees in the auction catalog. These will also be posted on the internet.
What if my bank will not give me a letter?
Additional payments are accepted; wire payments, cash or credit cards. Should you have further questions, contact the office of the auction you are attending prior to auction day.
What does my letter of guarantee have to state?
Your letter must be current and printed on your financial institute’s letter head—it must state they are going to guarantee or honor the check written to Equify Auctions LLC up to the amount that you and the bank agree on. It also must be signed by an executive of your financial institute along with their phone number in case of need to contact.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, credit cards, and wire payments. If you are writing a check (personal or company) or presenting a cashier check, a letter of guarantee must be submitted for approval. Credit Card Payment Terms: Credit card payment by Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover will be accepted up to $5,000.00. A 3% convenience fee will be charged on all credit card transactions.
When is payment due?
Payment must be made within 3 days after conclusion of auction.


What if I do not know what name I want on my title, can I have it blank?
Every title that leaves our office will be completed in its entirety—no blank titles will be delivered to anyone. Titles will be transferred or assigned.
Will open titles be accepted?
All titles must be registered to consignor. No open titles will be accepted.
When do I receive my check if I consign to your auction?
18 banking days after the auction ends, and full payment from the buyer has been received, your proceeds will be sent via U.S. Postal Service.
How do I consign to an auction and sell my equipment?
In order to consign quality items to an auction you will need to first talk with a consignment specialist. Please call our office and ask for your territory manager. Visit our auction page here to find out more.




Full payment is to be made within 1 hour of the conclusion of this auction. Payment is to be made with cash, cashiers’ check, personal or company check with a current bank letter of guaranty. Credit cards accepted up to $5,000.00 US with a 3% convenience closing fee with all sales final and no sale shall be invalidated. No refunds and credit card payments cannot be reversed. Any balances due the day after the final removal date noted on invoice will be paid by purchaser at a rate of 18% per annum. NO EXCEPTIONS.

First time buyers may be required to make a $1,000.00 deposit prior to the start of the auction.

Export buyers will be required to make a $7,500.00 deposit or 10% of expected purchases, whichever is greater. Any other arrangements must be made with the management of Equify Auctions, LLC. All export sales will be charged sales tax until proper documentation from authorized customs broker, including dock receipts for removal of sales tax.

All sales taxes are applicable at the local rate with all exemptions to be specially completed with all required taxing authorities’ numbers and certificates. A 1.5% Texas of road (terp) tax for any item with 50hp diesel power will apply unless exempted with specially completed exception forms with all required taxing authorities’ numbers and certificates.


Security will not allow the removal of purchases without a release ticket. The office will assist you with release tickets for your transportation company on the items purchased at this auction. The purchaser will be charged $35.00 per item, per day storage on any item left past the removal date noted on the invoice. Load out is Monday thru Friday 8:00 am to 5:00pm. NO LOADING AFTER DARK.

All items are sold “as is, where is” with no guaranties, or warranties as to condition, value, merchantability, safety, or usability. The item will be considered sold without any exceptions upon the final gavel by the auctioneer. Possession will be obtained upon proper settlement. Purchaser will be responsible for the removal, insurance, breakdown, arranging, shifting, loading, and securing of load for any items purchased. Equify Auctions, LLC does not arrange or contract freight for buyer’s items. It is the buyer’s responsibility to have inspected the item and determined the condition, year, model, serial number and mileage of the item from your inspection.

A $50.00 admin fee will be added to the purchase price of all titled items. Tax & Transfer fees will be added to items coming from dealer. Titles will be certified mailed within 18 business days of conclusion of auction.

Review your catalog for the premiums for this auction. “All agreements with Equify Auctions, LLC must be reduced to writing and signed by purchaser and Equify Auctions, LLC. Bidders may not rely upon any oral understandings or statements in connection with this auction.”




We realize there is a lot to learn about the auction process and no way to cover it all here. We hope that we've touched on your question in the above FAQ, but, in case we haven't, please let us know.