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September 14, 2017
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September 29, 2017

Programs to Secure and Protect the Future of Your Company

Equify joined with North Texas Crane to celebrate the roll out of their new 2017 Safety Incentive Program, which included naming a new Safety Director, as part of the corrective action plan that was put together by the Equify Insurance team.  This plan was created to improve their overall business position and plan for future growth.  It is ongoing, with monthly accountability meetings between Calvin and Jennifer from the Equify team and Rob, Business Manager of North Texas Crane.  The understanding is that this relationship is built on trust, accountability, and a desire to bring value beyond the expectations of the clients we serve.

Rob Nanni, of North Texas Crane, has been working closely with Equify to achieve this goal as part of an overall risk reduction strategy. The line of work North Texas Crane takes part in can be dangerous given the conditions and equipment they use on their projects, so being prepared is the only sure way to protect himself, his team and his business. Rob said, in regards to the program and relationship with Equify;

“It’s essentially creating a safer environment for our employees and customers. The program has allowed us to be proactive rather than reactive in our maintenance, safety and training programs. Just by appointing a safety director, which was our number one goal we set this year, we feel we are so far ahead of the game, in a business that is growing so fast. Equify has been a great partner to us in this. Just like their logo says, they are helping make our business stronger.”

The National Safety Council has provided resources showing the increased need for business to employ safety and health incentive programs. Research shows that as early as 2010 employers were paying nearly $1 billion per week for direct workers compensation alone, given the progression of our economy, digital resources and technological advancements we can only assume the number has continued to rise. In response, the National Safety Council has devoted time, education and support for the investment of safety and health programs for business has proved to actually increased financial performance and overall worker productivity. Click here to read the full article; The Business Case for Investment in Saftey – A Guide for Executives.

If you or your business has experienced something negative, harmful or damaging and this resulted in a claim against your business, contact the Insurance team at Equify. We have an all-inclusive risk management strategy that allows our team to review your policies and procedures in place to assure you properly covered for your unique business needs. Don’t wait until you are reacting and it costs you thousands, get out in front of the risk and stop it before it hurts you or your business.

Contact Equify today (817) 490-6800 and ask to speak to an Insurance Representative, find out more about our Commercial Insurance Services here.

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